Monday, February 4, 2013

Christmas Break Vacations!

Starting the day we got out of school in December clear to the week before school started back up this Spring semester, Jordan and I have been constantly on the road. It started with our 6 day cruise to Mexico. We had been waiting for this cruise every since we got married, so we were very excited. We flew from Denver to Houston, where Josh (Jordan's brother) picked us up. Because Josh and Rochelle live in Houston, we were lucky enough to have a place to stay for a couple days until we got onto our cruise ship. It worked out great because we got to visit and spend some time with them and their three adorable kids: Austin, Dylan, and Eva.

After spending a couple days with them, Josh drove us to Galveston to get on our boat. We can't thank him enough for how much he saved us from having to pay for a hotel or a rental car. It took a little bit to get on board, but once we did, our vacation had officially started!

The boat was huge!We couldn't believe how much entertainment they had to keep you constantly busy. They  had a couple multi-million dollar Broadway shows, comedians a couple of the nights, pool-side theater 24-7,  illusionists, DJ by the pools and chairs, mini golf, hot tubs, and so much more. The best part was never feeling like their was as many people on the boat as there was. It also had 24-7 buffets and fresh baked pizza. I am pretty sure I gained at least 10lbs!

This was the first towel animal we got. We may have come back to our room at the same time every day to see our new animal...we thought it was pretty exciting! haha

They had one formal night. It was fun to get all fansy'd up!

They had amazing dinners every night. It was my first time ever trying lobster which turned out to be a success.

 Our first port was in Progresso, Mexico. We decided to take an excursion to Chichen Itza, to see the Mayan Ruins. It was crazy because we got to be there two days before the world was supposed to end, so there was a ton of people.

This group was all in white and doing a religion prayer to the Mayan Temple. 

2 days after our first port, we ported again in Cozumel. We got to go walk around in all the shops and barter. It was pretty fun to experience that. The water was so blue and clear here.

Here is a picture of the main deck. This is where we spent a lot of our time.

After our 6 days were up, we were ready to spend time with the rest of the family. We got to spend another day with Josh and Rochelle and the kids then we flew back to Denver where we drove back home to Laramie. We got home so late that we basically crashed, got up early, washed laundry, repacked, and loaded the car and took off to Star Valley. It was Christmas Eve so Shawn and Mariah and their kids were their in the Valley too. It was a lot of fun to visit with them and Bert, Shilo, and their kids, and Bob and Kristi for a few days.After spending Christmas with the Hyde side, we headed to Rigby to see the Decker side. The day after we got their, was Jordan and I's 1st Year Anniversary. Because our cruise was pretty big, that was our celebration. However, we did head to Rexburg for some Decker Family Pictures.

(left) Christmas 
Breakfast in 
Star Valley!

     (right) 1st Year

Few Family Pictures

         I love my brother and sisters!!!

We also got to go to a horse arena in Ririe and ride horses. I hadn't rode a horse in so long, so I was so nervous but I had a blast.

 Jordan, me and Luka on the horses. Sorry so blurry!

The next day, we all (except kids) drove to Salt Lake and flew to San Diego for a Christmas Family Trip. It was so much fun. We were constantly doing something. We started by going to the San Diego Zoo. Who knew a bunch of adults would have so much fun!

 The orangutans were my all time favorite!!! They are so cute and funny!

 Then we went to Sea World. I had been there before, but I must have forgotten how much fun it was. We went to a lot of shows and rode a lot of rides!

We went to the dolphin show, sea lion show, and of course shamu show!!!


This ride was so much fun. There wasn't very many people at Sea World so we were able to ride it over and over.

One of the last things we did was go to the San Diego Temple. This was one of the things I was most excited for. It is my favorite temple and the prettiest temple I've ever seen both inside and out.

The very last thing we did was go to La Jolla Beach! It was gorgeous! The water was a little cold so we only stuck our feet in, but it was a blast to walk around the beach and just be together as a family.

After our trip was over we flew back to Salt Lake, drove back to Rigby, and then drove again straight to Laramie. It was a lot of flying and driving, but it was well worth the family time we got to have with everyone on both sides.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Playing Catch Up

I have been so busy this past year with school, work, church callings, and our many road trips, that I am beyond behind in blogging. A lot has happened, so here is a quick review of what happened after 
the Fourth of July. 

Right before school started, Jordan and I were able to go home to Idaho for our nephew, Zach's baptism. Jordan also got the opportunity to speak at the baptism. It was a neat day so see Zach make such a big decision and to see what a big testimony my husband has. 

After the baptism, we were able to see Uros, Lundyn, and Luka. They had been gone to Serbia all summer long visiting Uros's family. I had missed them so much, so it was so nice to get to see them before I left back home. They got back to Idaho on my birthday, so my family decided to go out and celebrate.

Seeing him was the best birthday present!

    We went bowling at Fat Cats in Rexburg. 

             Missed her so much!

Luka and I on the mini merry-go-round

 Lundyn won Deal or No Deal and this hat Luka is wearing is what they got with there tickets...too cute!

Afterwards, we came back home and my mom invited a few of my really good friends and family over for a little party.

Few of my favorite sweets!

Megan and Esther (high school friends)

 After eating the yummy food, we played volleyball in the backyard, which was super fun! One of the best birthdays for sure!

On our way home, Jordan let me convince him to stop in Swan Valley and get some square ice cream. Don't know why the square scoop makes it so good!